BREAKING – Board suspends vote – will keep this year’s topic one more year

Just got an interesting email on the IE-L regarding next year’s NFA-LD topic… … The NFA-LD committee has just finished receiving results from the 2010-2011 coaches NFA-LD survey that was sent out two weeks ago to all active NFA member schools. Apparently, preliminary results indicate that a majority of debaters have decided against engaging the […]

The Most Important Ballot…

No excuses. Go Vote.

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th. It was great watching the John Adams series and seeing all the powerful debate that went on on whether to declare independence – yay for good debating!

NFA-LD Policy Book published!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of Up For Debate: U.S. Foreign Policy Options Towards the Greater Horn of Africa. This new book features eight chapters written by nine students from across the country who participated in NFA-LD debate during the 2007 academic year who transformed their cases into well researched […]

Cuba and the 2008 Presidential Election

Saw this interesting article at MSN which describes how Cubans are seeing the 2008 Presidential election. Looks like Obama is a favorite among the informal poll: In our own informal NBC News survey of 100 people in downtown Havana, 63 said they preferred Obama to McCain, two preferred McCain, 13 had no preference and 22 […]

Presidential Debate 1 – Reaction

Hope all of you got to see the Presidential Debate this evening between Senator McCain and Senator Obama. I thought Obama did a much better job in the debate from the perspective of argumentation and debate principals. Here are a few thoughts: Strategic Concessions I thought Senator Obama did an excellent job pointing out agreements […]

A new year and a new topic

Reasons why I'm excited about the new year: 1) My school got a travel budget increase, so we're going to travel a bit more and see some more midwestern L/D. (Okay, these aren't necessarily reasons why YOU would be excited, this is my list.) 2) The Cuba topic is a fascinating one with lots of […]

Importance of Public Speaking Skills

Saw this great post over at the global debate blog on the importance of public speaking for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. All the more reason to try an event that stresses good public speaking skills!

Write Next Year’s Topic!

From the Dec NFA Newsletter: ——————– CALL FOR TOPICS: 2008-2009 A CALL FOR TOPICS will be included in the NFA Fall mailing requesting each school that has an interest in and an intent to participate in LD Debate in the following academic year to submit a topic area for consideration to the Chair of the […]

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