Possible Case Area? College Mental Health?

Just got my first email with Mental Health news from Medline. Saw this interesting article that could be a good case. I haven’t researched it yet but a case dealing with the mental health of college students could be really interesting!

Good Introduction card

More cases of severe mental illness are being reported among college students than a decade ago, as more young people with mental health issues tackle a post-secondary education and are open to getting help when they need it, a new U.S. study shows

Possible harm?

The use of prescription medications by students to treat psychiatric illness has also risen significantly over the past decade, the research team noted.

Your thoughts?

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This is super generic and I doubt the literature base is particularly developed. The ideal aff should 1) claim advantage areas that are unique to a particular subset of the resolution and 2) avoid as many links to DAs and CPs as possible. This aff doesn’t meet either condition. College students as a group aren’t really distinct from the rest of the general population, and you’re not going to be able to find a warrant for why the USFG is key to the plan.

come on, I wanted my College Board of Directors CP :'(

I think this could work out well although I must admit to not doing a lot of research. The USFG controls a lot of college funding and can often restrict it if the college does not comply with Federal Law (see the Solomon Amendment). Thus, if the the FG requires colleges to reform the way they provide mental health services to the CMI in their campus body the results could be dramatic – especially if there is evidence like the VA Tech shooting example of the unique negative harms that mentally ill individuals have on college campuses and how colleges are often restricted from knowing about the status of chronically mentally ill students coming to their campus.

VA Tech, according to what I’ve read, could not know about the status of the shooter’s mental illness – thus, were not able to provide mental health services to him. I could see a solid case of reforming how colleges provide services to CMI college students.

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